What to Expect at a Free Public Auto silent Auction

The United States Government and local government bodies own a large amount of vehicles, and a lot of them replace these cars and trucks on a regular schedule. While some small departments might trade them in, the larger government agencies will hold a public auto auctions on a regular schedule to help rid themselves of this extra surplus.

These auto auctions will not only contain cars and trucks, but basket ideas for fundraisers might even have other equipment and other surplus. Most of the items at these type of auctions are in operating condition. The type of auctions will varies. Some will be a live auction while others are silent.

One can locate auto auctions or government auctions by checking the newspapers on a regular schedule, or by calling local government and inquiring about time and location of any upcoming auctions. You could also sign up for a auction finder service. They usually have a list of auctions in your area.

If you plan to attend a auto auction, make sure you get a list of the items that will be auctioned off. You can do some research ahead of time. This will allow you to get a good idea of what the value is on any items that are being auctioned off.

Make sure that you also contact the proper officials to inquire about the type of payment they will accept. Also check to see if there is a buyers premium that is in effect. You should take this all in consideration before you start bidding on any items.

Once the auction starts make sure you keep your cool and don’t get caught up in a bidding war. You should always have a set number for how high you are willing spend, and don’t go over that number.


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